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Health Insurance Is Not Enough Anymore!

With health care costs steadily on the rise, a greater number of people diagnosed with a critical illness are facing a mountain of medical expenses during and after their recovery.

Traditional health insurance may not cover all the costs. The American Cancer Society estimates that 65% of the cost of cancer treatment is not covered by traditional health insurance. *
While many people feel secure knowing they have health insurance, the financial and emotional impact of an unexpected critical illness diagnosis goes well beyond the cost of their co-pays and deductibles.

Too often individuals and families are unaware of the magnitude of this problem and are unprepared financially to handle a major health care crisis.

In fact, 62% of all bankruptcies filed in the United States are a direct result of overwhelming medical expenses. Worse yet, 79% of those who filed for bankruptcy protection had medical insurance in place when they were diagnosed and treated. **

While there’s much speculation about what health care reform may or may not deliver, it is generally agreed that critical illness insurance will become even more important in the future.

Start planning now. While no one can predict the future you can take steps today to better prepare for tomorrow.

Give us a call and ask for popular new educational guide on “How to Survive Critical Illness Financially” and let us help you enhance your health care planning strategy today.

*Note: American Cancer Society Website, 2012 

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