Surviving a Critical Illness

Today Most People Survive a Critical Illness,

But They Can’t Say the Same For Their Finances!

This year 1.4 million Americans will hear the life changing words “you have cancer.” Most will survive.

Some 800,000 American will have their first heart attack and another 600,000 will have their first stroke. Thanks to improved care most will survive.

Survival comes with a steep financial cost. Even if you have great health insurance, you’ll pay deductibles and co-payments. You’ll pay for prescriptions. You may wish to seek alternative care that’s not covered.

While you recover, you won’t be working. State disability payments are limited and typically short-term. You’ll still make mortgage payments; utility and auto bills. And, here’s my favorite, while you are sick and not working – you will still have to pay your health insurance premium.

Medical problems are the cause of almost two-thirds of U.S. bankruptcies and 80% of these individuals had health insurance. (Source: Harvard University Study, 2009). Doctors can save and cure us. But, they can’t heal the financial toll.

That’s why I’d like to talk to you about Critical Illness insurance protection. The concept was started by a heart surgeon who recognized the financial toll on his own patients. Today, hundreds of thousands of people benefit from this coverage worldwide. It’s something that you should consider.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing your mortgage will be covered for two years, while you focus on recovering.

Heart attacks, cancer strokes, Alzheimer’s are real. The cost is enormous. Affordable protection is available while you are still healthy. Let me tell you more.